Jul 11, 2017   written by Pipelette Translations

Pipelette Translations Ltd
Tacia Victor
Language Executive Editor

Speaking another language is an advantage in someone’s future and the contents of this article will help you understand why. The aim of language/ L’objectif du langage (French)
There are many studies on why having more than one language at hand is beneficial for you and your future. Learning another language is a gateway into a cultural expedition which could lead a person to find out about the country that the language originates from.
Just knowing more than one language can result in a bilingual brain that filters out distractions, improves creativity, reduces social anxiety ambiguity and increases tolerance levels. In learning experiences and social atmospheres, someone that has learnt a foreign language, can fight their anxiety by involving themselves in speech with others.

Language is FUNDAMENTAL to cultural identity

According to the Ethnologue statistics page for 2017 there are currently 7,097 living languages which is lower than last year. A third of these languages are endangered and of course, Asia and Africa have two thirds of languages in the world.
Without languages, it would difficult for people around the world to communicate, language is the epitome of growth in the world.