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Nearly half of Londoners feel that inequality has had a negative impact on their health as well as on education. – By Pipelette Translations

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London is home to more than seven million people. It has undoubtedly the most multicultural population of any city in the world. The benefits of living in a city like London are balanced by poverty and difficulties that exists that make people unable to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise. Well, all the evidence suggests that when people have poor starts in life their long-term chances of leading a healthy life will be damaged.

Different communities in London have a framework based on equality and concerns on Equal Life Chances for All, this focuses on what needs to be done, outlines diversity and inclusion for all Londoners.

Thus, poverty in London is associated with inequality and the city continues to show a huge inequality in income and grey areas of poorer employment and social opportunities and an enormous level of ill health. However, this mainstream integrates strategies, policies and programmes which comes into place to tackle inequality, improve life chances and basically removing barriers that prevent people achieving their goals.

One of many problems regarding poverty can be the local jobs market, and the adequacy of local services can both affect the likelihood of living in poverty.

Poverty also has detrimental consequences for London due to poverty creating social problems that necessitate extra social spending. There is also the cost of adults being unable to meet their full potential because of growing up in poverty – including reduced productive capacity in the economy, extra benefit payments and reduced tax revenues.

The percentage of young people aged 16 to 24 who are not in education, training, or employment or who have no qualifications is immensely abnormal and most family’s resort to welfare support.

The extreme wealth inequality can be seen to the side, with the skyscrapers afar and often only separated by a wall or highway from the council flats nearby.

ith an introduction of the BEPE (Built Environment Professional Education Project) in partnership with professional institutions, government and universities, this project (“inclusive design”) aims as a core part of the curriculum in education to build environment for professionals and to create accessibility for disabled people’s needs, and support grassroots sports and culture participation amongst disabled people in London.

By working with the boroughs and partners to support and encourage diverse recruitment, allows it to maximise the number of apprenticeship opportunities to a varied range of residents, which will reduce in employment gaps within the boroughs of London.

In this way, the mayor of London’s major work plan is to strengthen the economy and work with partners to support micro, small and medium enterprises to increase affordable workplace, sustainable programmes and full evaluation of investment all in proportion.

Furthermore, for best results will be by encouraging best practice, which regardless of ethnicity, gender. faith, disability, educational needs or sexual orientation will give everyone future opportunities in life.

Additionally, by ensuring that as many children in London as possible have access to excellent teaching through initiatives such as the London Schools Excellent Fund. Plus, monitoring and implementing the equality principles in practice it will bring sustainable life changes for all Londoners, particularly the most vulnerable and the country in general will be benefited.

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  1. H Syed Mohammed says:

    A good article but it is crucial to mention that in order to Integrate the principles of inclusive design into an inclusive environment it can only be successfully achieved if it is embedded with some sort of strategies such as policies, regulations, budget and a master plan to succeed.
    I believe like anyone else complying with legislation code is paramount but by promoting in finding solutions to
    inclusivity will benefit London environment.

    • Pipelette Translations LTD says:

      Hello Mohammed,

      I agree with you. Yes, comments are valuable, social proof for new readers. Having said that, I believe that the framework of inclusive design is already in action and it has been accommodated to help the city of London as well as visitors.
      If inclusive design works well for people with disabilities, it works better for everyone.
      It seeks to consider the breadth
      of human diversity across the lifespan to create solutions that work for all

      Many Thanks,


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