Our services

We are a company with an on-the-ground presence in London. Pipelette offers Interpretation and Translation services with operating hubs nationwide and worldwide. Pipelette offers professional services of translations, interpreting, transcription and subtitling including a network
 with specialized translators. We are proud for meeting our clientele deadlines and their needs. We also make sure that every client
we work for gets the best from us, and good satisfaction
for requesting our services.
Pipelette Translations is a company that has pride in getting
the work done on time, as a business we do value our customers
and we pay attention on every detail, so we can avoid mistakes
 and gain good customer loyalty.

Our focus is on delivering an accurate translation with no “third party” opinion and narration.
We take care of all your translation worries in a swift, prompt
and deliver your needed interpretation on time.


Accurate Translation

If you are looking for an accurate document translation, Pipelette offers all the professional translation services you need, in the languages you require, at the level of quality you demand and with a price you can afford. Translation today has become a great tool on the international business field. Thus, we can assist you with high quality translation in order to tailor your resources. .


Pipelette offers many professional services, in the languages you need, at the level of quality you demand with a price you can afford.

  • We provide Translation services for Letters, Essays, Brochures, E-mails, Faxes, Reports, Leaflets, Manuals, Records, User guides and any other Marketing materials.
  • We have Language interpreting services for Medical purposes in Hospitals and Surgeries as well as Telephone interpreting, Business and Insurance interpreting.
  • We offer Foreign language transcription which convert Recorded interviews, Meetings and Conferences into useful texts and our Transcription services convert English and Foreign language audio into formatted documents.
  • Our services include Multilingual voice-over and Language subtitle services on French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and more.

Quality Of Service

Pipelette focuses on the satisfaction of our clients and helps to enable them to manage their businesses by providing our languages services. In doing so, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond the boundaries of business. Through strategic consulting, Pipelette implements many great ideas that drive the client’s progress when using our services. Our best interests are to achieve the desired results on our translating services by having:

  • Maximum accuracy
  • The capacity to highlight any ambiguity
  • No errors
  • An ethos of constant improvement